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introducing spry strategies

It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly a year since we launched Spryberry!

One of the exciting things we’ve been doing is helping business owners, senior managers and their teams to communicate better. By building confidence with technology and tools they are reaching more clients—effectively and profitably—and are no longer worrying about becoming dinosaurs in the shadow of tech savvy millennials.

We’ve helped:

  • An entire team of traditional advertising specialists bring digital advertising to their clients. They've dramatically evolved their business: gaining new clients and bringing budgets back in house that had been previously siphoned off to digital agencies.
  • An eCommerce client reduce their bounce rate by 68% – their user experience and sales have improved drastically.
  • Two merging international companies (that had between them over 70 social media assets — Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, etc.) integrate into one streamlined brand with 7 strategic and optimized channels.

We’ve learned a few things along the way

Our most successful clients are those that develop their own strategy, with our coaching and training. Our role is to provide depth of experience, insight, options and data to help inform their decisions.

Every day we’ve been hearing from people who are frustrated…

by not understanding how social media, their website, and other digital assets all work together. A Facebook message from someone who is afraid they are falling behind their competitors who are in the fast lane and hiring young, tech savvy talent.  An email from a client who is feeling like they can’t manage their team because they can barely understand their own profile, let alone create and manage a business page.

The truth is, it's not hard to create a digital strategy.

Our clients are living proof that it can be done well and quickly with the right knowledge.

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Introducing Spry Strategies

These results have led us to develop a new offering to our clients: Spry Strategies – online training and coaching that is both easily accessible and personal, delivered entirely online. Our first program “Mastering Digital Strategy” has just launched.

We can help you get past hurdles you have with understanding and leveraging a complete strategy for social media, online advertising, your website, and search engines that will make you more competitive and strategic in what you do.

Who it’s for

It's not for everyone.

Here's who we can help:

  • Senior managers and business owners who are invested in the success of their business, value their brand, and embrace growth and change.

Are you tired of feeling:

  • confused about online spaces?
  • unable to connect ROI to online marketing efforts?
  • like you’re spending money in the wrong places?
  • worried about losing traction in your market?
  • unsure of who to hire (because you don’t know what they do)?
  • and you're ready to start getting real results?

If this describes how you feel, we invite you to:

We're looking forward to connecting with you soon!

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