search engine marketing

Pay Per Click (PPC) is digital advertising where you pay a publisher—whether it's Google Adwords, Google Display, YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo, LinkedIn or others—to display your ads to those visiting their site.  Depending on the platform you can target potential customers using demographics, keywords and interests.

advertising with a heartbeat

The beauty of digital advertising is it has a pulse. You can see, in real time, what is working and what is not.  Not sure which ad is going to resonate best with the audience, we can run both and compare their performance.  Our team is experienced in interpreting these variations and helping to use the data to grow your web traffic and your business.

increase your visibility and web traffic with seo

If there is one thing we know about search engines is that they are continuously changing. Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy helps to not only grow your website visitors but also increase the quality of visitors.

Say you sell bikes, you may be drawing a lot of visitors looking for sport bikes (aka motorcycles). This means you may be getting a lot of traffic to your site, but not necessarily customers that are interested in your product. A well optimized site will ensure that you’re using the right keywords to get the right audience.

spryberry’s SEO management services

  • Drive search traffic to your website organically
  • Increase your visibility and get you more website visitors
  • Help track and increase your on-site conversions
  • Continually improve your online presence through regular analysis and strategy adjustments.

what to expect when working with spryberry’s seo team

  • Keyword Research:  Ongoing keyword analysis looks at keyword trends, identifies ranking opportunities and establishes short-term and long-term SEO objectives.
  • On-Page Optimization Ongoing: On-Page optimization assesses your website and makes adjustments to ensure SEO best practices are met.
  • Content Strategy and Optimization:  Fresh and relevant content is valuable to searchers and in turn earns high rankings in search engines. We will determine what questions your audience is asking, and recommend (or develop and optimize) high-quality content that answers these questions to help increase your traffic and brand reputation.
  • Backlink Strategy:  Link building is used to build your website’s reputation (authority and trust) online.  If done incorrectly, it can put you at risk of losing search rankings.
  • Technical SEO: often the technical aspect of search engine optimization are overlooked, we’ll assess your URL’s, site architecture, navigation and more.

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