Daunted by Technology?

Sometimes it can feel like we're spinning in the dark as all the new technology comes at us doesn't it? Wouldn't it feel better to have a little light shone on the matter?

Let me ask you a few questions…

Just answer “Yes” or “No” (you can count a “I'm not even sure what that means” as a “No”):

How you're doing…

If you answered yes to:

8+ Bright Light: Well done! You're well on your way. A digital checkup can help answer some of your lingering questions.

6-8 Turn Up That Dimmer: You're not as in the dark as you think, but a digital checkup will boost your wattage.

3-5 Night Light: Well done keeping tabs on those 3-5 areas, but let's avoid stubbed toes with a digital checkup.

0-3 Can we Offer You A Flashlight? You're not alone! You fall in the same category as 80% of our new clients.  Sign up below (it's like a free delivery of energy efficient floodlights)!

Free Digital Checkup

That's right. Free. No Charge. No Commitment.  Just a little Spryberry love to make sure you're shining bright and your site and social media are as healthy as they can be. 

What's Included

  • For your existing website:
    • A Google Analytics Review: If already installed – if not, we'll install it for you so you'll know who is visiting your site and how often
    • A security audit: of your existing site – find out if it's internal workings are happy & healthy
    • A best practices score card: Find out if you're meeting your visitors with your best foot forward
    • A competitive analysis: Find out how your site stacks up to your competition online
  • For your social channels:
    • A review of your social channels and insights.
    • A best practices score card: Are you managing your social like you should? Find out how you score.

You'll be provided with a written report and a 30 minute session with our staff to review the results and answer your questions.

Book a time to get started!
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