Project Description

AimSmart Coaching

The client

AimSmart coaching provides sales coaching and training services. Ira Wolfe brings more than 30 years of sales experience to his one-on-one sales coaching service and his sales training service. Sales coaching helps clients to clarify their vision and create a step-by-step process with achievable goals. Clients can also learn new skills and techniques and upgrade their existing skills through sales training. AimSmart Coaching is highly personalized and tailored to the clients’ needs.

The problem and the solution

The website for AimSmart Coaching was dated. The Spryberry team undertook SEO research to develop a new strategy and a new site map was created. New content was written for the site and a blog was created. In addition to the updated website, Spryberry developed lead generation strategies including a lead magnet to attract new clients. Brand refinement was also done, including a creative brief for the photographer to use to capture the best shots for the client.