Project Description

Future Health Ventures

The Challenge

Future Health Ventures is an innovative firm, with a diverse range of product offerings and projects on the go.  The CEO Edoye Porbeni has been operating for some time, however, she did not have an online home from which to build her business, or showcase her work and partnerships.

The solution

We created one cohesive web presence for all their businesses to launch from. The site was heavily search engine optimized in order to ensure traffic is finding Edoye, understanding the opportunities and spending time digesting the information on the site or linking out to full sites for each business.

The result

A beautiful clean site that featured all three of Edoye’s brands: Apollo Project Management, Silverfit and Atreides Drones without diminishing any one of them at the expense of the other.  We’re now building out multiple sites in order to grow the various businesses from concept to reality.