Project Description

Insight Insurance and Risk Management is nimble brokerage with some strong ideas about customer service. We helped them get off the ground with logo and some branded office templates. From there we've helped them with a communication and digital strategy, web design, and a marketing plan for their involvement with the construction of the Rogers Arena Complex in Edmonton.

“Simply put Dana and the staff at Spryberry are Rockstar’s at what they do. Dana has had to deal with several of our clients and the charities we support as our Marketing and Branding specialists.  I have had several companies from insurers to charities call and say how great she and her staff were to deal with on our projects. In 2016, I bought a firm in London, UK and I put Spryberry in touch with our COO there. Spryberry created a new name and brand, and the UK team raved about her vision, collaboration and ease of communication.”

Alexis Harke, Insight Insurance