Project Description

Juniper West Developments


Juniper West is a planned neighbourhood in Kamloops featuring newly built homes and lots for sale. Different phases of the project were to be rolled out and promoted at different junctures. Their marketing team were looking for a way to promote the new development, targeting potential buyers with different market needs: those interested in unique building opportunities and those looking for ready to move homes.


  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy to create a sustaining presence in the market place
  • Strategy focused on optimizing budget based on the seasonality of the client’s business, and the shifts in priority of the ongoing development at Juniper West
  • Activated and optimized campaign on an ongoing basis
  • Have been running campaign for over four years


  • Within the first year of the campaign, we increased site traffic by 373%
  • Since beginning the search campaign in 2015, site traffic has increased by 225%
  • Through ongoing optimizations, average Cost per Clicks have been reduced by 78%
Juniper West development