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Communication Services + Custom Web Development

Surrey/North Delta Family Practice began working collaboratively with Spryberry to ensure that their communications strategies were hitting the mark and to take on several key initiatives.


  • Strategic Planning: With the many initiatives the division had underway, strategic communication planning was essential to ensure they were making the best possible use of their time and resources.
  • Graphic Design & Layout: Materials in all shapes and sizes to support division initiatives – from RACE App guidebooks to brochures and info cards spryberry designers ensured that the message was clearly communicated
  • Writing & Editing: Supporting the division bi-weekly newsletter our team crafted language for the bi-weekly newsletter

Custom Web Development

Find a Doctor Portal

The patient doctor search portal aimed to facilitate connecting patients in Surrey/North-Delta to a General Practitioner that was accepting patients.

Key Features

256bit Encryption – Exactly like online banking or e-commerce. The tool only collects postal code and email address so users feel comfortable.

Flexible search options puts control in the patients hands.

  • Search by postal code or area
  • Language spoken by Doctor

Patients receive results on screen immediately. Additional functionality can be added to also email results to the user.

Ease of use for management and reporting is built in to the back end for divisions and doctors.

  • Division admin can manage doctors, doctors spoken languages lists, review searches, and add/edit neighborhoods, and add/edit cities and access dynamic reporting.
  • Doctors manage their own information (address etc) through a secure link – no password needed. Doctors receive a quarterly email with a secure, single use link to review their listing and make edits. link is secured and only works for that specific doctor (and no login is required).

The look is visually customized to match division site (this is included in the deployment).

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