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KAIS Consulting


KAIS Consulting

Founded in 2000, KAIS Consulting is a Canadian Management consulting firm providing collaborative and tailored solutions to individuals and organizations in the public and private sectors. The founder is an organization potential expert with a deep background in governance and political consulting.


KAIS Consulting needed a unique and bold website re-design that used modern themes and captured the client’s vision. The client was transitioning to full-time consulting and needed to launch a mobile friendly and engaging website to showcase her consulting services.


  • Strategized the new design with the client in order to capture her value proposition and personality in the overall feel of the website
  • Launched a re-designed mobile friendly website that engaged visitors
  • Updated the client’s stationary materials
  • SEO to increase traffic to the new website
  • Edited website copy and crafted more concise language on landing pages


The client is now confident to showcase her work to her target audiences and to the business community. The re-design is modern with unique and engaging landing pages. Through our work, KAIS Consulting is now ready to capture new business leads and generate success.

Business of Creativity


Business of Creativity

Business of Creativity is founded by Aura McKay, the creator of The D.A.M.N. Plan, and an international award-winning photographer. With a background in Financial Management and Marketing Communications, along with 20 years of experience as successful creative entrepreneur, Aura launched Business of Creativity to help other entrepreneurs generate success through training and consulting.


Business of Creativity needed a new look and modern designed website. The previous site was outdated and visually unappealing. The language needed to be updated to reflect the client’s value proposition in a stronger and more concise way. The client was looking for a strong logo and brand to capture new business and showcase services.


  • Created an engaging and responsive new website, centred on the client’s services
  • Designed a contemporary, colorful, and adaptive new logo
  • Designed a strong strategy to increase traffic through the new website design
  • Edited the website’s copy and update the language
  • Consolidated various domains associated with client’s work


Spryberry built a responsive and engaging website, and an eye-catching new logo for the client. The landing pages highlight the client’s current online courses and workshops, drawing viewers in through strong calls to action throughout each page. The client is excited about the new look and feel of the website, and is ready to launch marketing plans to capture new business. The client’s business associates commented how much more the website reflects the client’s unique work and personality!

Sue Decker


Sue Decker

Sue Decker is a musician based in Victoria, BC. She started playing music with a rented guitar at a bluegrass jam and it wasn’t long before she devoted herself to writing songs, playing the dobro, and singing the blues. Her expressive voice and love of slide guitar have been constant companions as she expands her musicality wherever her songwriting leads.


Sue needed a website to boost her digital presence to launch her latest studio album “Outskirts of Love.” Sue needed a design for her album cover, a revamped website, and a strong musician’s branding.


  • New album cover design for Outskirts of Love, incorporating the client’s vision for the cover wrap
  • Copy for the website and album cover
  • Responsive and modern uniquely re-designed website to centre her new album and recent work
  • Design that captured the client’s personality and vision


A unique and bold musician’s brand and a strong digital presence to launch Sue Decker’s latest album. Our work increased traffic and showcased the client’s berrytastic talent. We used our graphic design expertise to create a unique look for the client’s website and album cover.



Greater Vancouver Community Services Society

The Challange

The Greater Vancouver Community Services Society is a not for profit organization providing home care and other services in the community. The society asked us to create a friendly, approachable brand along with various brand collateral including a website.

  • logo design
  • corporate stationery
  • templates for office forms
  • annual reports
  • client service guides in 3 languages
  • not for profit web design
  • print management

The Solution

SEO support for site relaunch – July 2019

Organic site traffic has improved by 35% year-over-year and by 15% month-over-month as compared to the site before relaunch.

The site has gained 91 new keywords in the Canadian Search Database Top 100 since the relaunch, doubling its keywords in the Top 1 – 10 position.



PADS (Pacific Assistance Dogs Society)

The Challenge

Part 1

When we began working with PADS, the perks included sweet puppy cuddles, but their digital challenges were less than sweet! They had multiple different technologies for managing data: two for collecting donations online, one for email communications and others for managing volunteer, dog, client and donor info for staff. The process was not only cumbersome but hugely time consuming, and there were things that none of the systems could do what they needed. Their website was outdated and not responsive, even though 65% of their visitors came through mobile devices.

Part 2

After a few years of rapid growth, PADS was stretching the limits of their website as it became the hub for 300+ volunteers and staff to interact, submit reports, and keep everyone aligned on services and events. With this much traffic on a dual volunteer/public purpose site, PADS began to think the site needed to be split into two separate entities – public and internal.

Additionally, PADS asked us to review their SEO. The goal was to improve the site’s SEO position with more visibility to PADS’ programs and events, including user experience and site flow adjustments that would make information and applications easier for PADS candidates.

The solution

Part 1

An integrated donor management system that combined all these tools into one and merged seamlessly into the new website was designed. It allowed them to send emails, fundraise online (and allow their own supporters to fundraise online!), was customizable so that they could integrate people and dogs, and keep their donors up to date on their activities.

We built a brand-new responsive website, which simplified 350 pages into 70, and had a custom-built area for their monthly “pupdates” that update donors on how their dogs are doing.

We applied for and set up the Google Grants program for them, giving them access to $10K of online advertising per month.

Part 2

Spryberry developed a volunteer/staff site called Hydrant to take over the heavy lifting of day-to-day interactions of the organization. The new members-only site is a hub of business activity that enables users to interact in a Facebook-like environment of posts, tagging, and sharing, while also providing access to critical protocol documents, events, and submission forms. With Hydrant taking the load off of the main website, is now the public-facing site concentrating on donors and taking applications for service dogs.

The result

Part 1

Increased efficiency, cost reduction and a whopping 220% increase in web traffic in the 12 months post launch based on the previous year.

Part 2

A nimble public site where traffic is streamlined to specific audiences, resulting in better service and ability to measure activity.

A volunteer/staff hub that both serves critical business processes and creates community. With all the volunteers added to the new site, Hydrant promises to enrich the volunteer experience with the organization and build more knowledgeable puppy raisers and breeders. Hydrant is the first step in a bigger goal of automating and streamlining processes that will result in better use of funds.

Updating the site’s page organization and structure resulted in a 24% increase in organic keyword position SEO rankings, increasing the number of Top 10 ranked keywords by 19%.

User experience updates have improved site visitor engagement. Pages per session have increased by 13%, average session time by 5%, and PADS’ bounce rate has decreased by 5%.


The Client started as a non-profit project under the wing of EcoTrust Canada providing electronic fisheries monitoring programs focussed on building economically and environmentally sustainable fishing communities. After proving their viability, incorporated and moved into a for-profit business model.

The Problem needed “all the things” to get their new brand launched. With only a name decided, they needed help with a logo, branded materials, and a website.

Our Approach

  • Brand development that is both unique and compliments partner businesses
  • Comprehensive digital strategy that included SEO research, content strategy, and site mapping
  • Web development including content writing
  • Responsive design and fast load speed to serve communities with limited internet and cell service
  • Brand standards manual

The Result

A unique brand that stand out in their industry and a responsive site that works in the big city and on the bow of a ship. is already a very busy organization with project running all over the world. We’re capturing their site traffic analytics to prepare for their next big move when the time comes.

In its the first month, the website gained SEO position for over 70 terms internationally, producing over 1,100 search impressions.

Organic search traffic accounts for 41% of all site traffic.

“As a brand-new social enterprise we needed to develop a logo, tagline, website and suite of design standards that allowed us to step out from our charity founder but still convey our dedication to mission while promoting our new partnerships and re-commitment to technical and programmatic innovation. Spryberry created all of the tangible communication materials and content that we needed. From logo development to website flow and content that helps relay our two drivers (mission and innovation), Spryberry did a huge amount of work for us.

Spryberry was great to work with! What we appreciated most of all was their listening, we never had to go back and say “no you didn't get it'”, edits and updates were always around small tweaks to design or language and never around tone or clarity. This made the work truly enjoyable and absolutely meets our needs.

The feedback so far has been great, people love the colours and design standards that were created and find our website easy to use and stylish. We very much look different from our founders and partners but the feeling of connection still exists, which was critical for our clients during our transition.

We recommend working with Spryberry!”

Amanda Barney, CEO,



Aboriginal Firefighters Association of Canada (AFAC) Brand, Marketing Materials, and Web

The Client

The Aboriginal Firefighters Association of Canada (AFAC) operates as a consortium of regional Indigenous emergency and fire service. They are currently leading a project focused on improving fire safety in all Indigenous communities across Canada to protect and enhance quality of life, health, and safety.

The Challenge

AFA had a website that didn’t accurately explain their focus and programming. It was difficult to navigate and manage. The dual-language toggle on the site limited the user to choosing French or English at an initial landing page. AFA also had a separate website for its key program, the Indigenous Fire Marshal Office, that also had problematic structure and design. The separate sites were unnecessarily splitting their audience and causing confusion around the actual organization and program structures.

AFA and IFMO also needed a brand refresh to better align with their goals that focus greatly on fire safety and downplay firefighting. Their newsletters and information packages were disjointed and needed to be brought in line with a new brand direction.

The Solution

  • Comprehensive digital strategy that included SEO research, content strategy, and site mapping to bring the two sites into one and establish the best approach for future development
  • Implementation of a robust language toggle allowing users to switch languages on any page
  • Responsive design and fast load speed to serve communities with limited internet and cell service
  • Brand standard manual and execution across all mediums

The Result

A reliable single site that is easy to manage. SEO for the site has improved dramatically since launch, showing better reach and engagement with the site. The brand has been implemented on several print pieces and used across Canada at conferences and meetings.

The new site launch has given the IFMO/AFAC site a new position for 25 key search terms (we started with 0, and it’s growing every week). The new ranked keywords increased monthly search impressions by 816%.

There has been a 1943% (20x) increase in organic search traffic since the new site launched, a change from fewer than a dozen visitors a month to over 300.

Other Services

  • Communications planning
  • Social media strategy and management
  • Production of all content in English/French
  • Quarterly newsletter writing, design, production, distribution
  • Graphic design for print and web
  • Media relations and monitoring
  • Management of information updates
  • Communications support to IFMO project team
  • Reporting on activities and communications

“My organization was looking for a communications partner for the Aboriginal Firefighters Association of Canada Indigenous Fire Marshal Office Project. The project needed a bi-lingual website, as well as print and digital communications with an updated design theme that better reflected our aspirations.

Spryberry helped us define what existing content was superfluous and what we should keep and created consistent language across all mediums. We also asked Spryberry to create brand standards that retained our crests as the centre element. They created brochures, flyers, and designed a beautiful, easy to navigate website that is visually appealing but low-bandwidth friendly.

Spryberry is an amazingly responsive team! They were really good at asking us the right questions and quickly ‘got’ us. We’re delighted with the finished products and we are getting great feedback from our members and beyond. We’ve already recommended Spryberry to others and will continue to do so.”

Emma Wiggins, Founder, Triumph BSA