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Aboriginal Firefighters Association of Canada (AFAC) Brand, Marketing Materials, and Web

The Client

The Aboriginal Firefighters Association of Canada (AFAC) operates as a consortium of regional First Nations emergency and fire service. They are currently leading a project focussed on improving fire safety in all First Nations communities across Canada to protect and enhance quality of life, health, and safety.

The Challenge

AFA had a website that didn’t accurately explain their focus and programming. It was difficult to navigate and manage. The dual-language toggle on the site limited the user to choosing French or English at an initial landing page. AFA also had a separate website for its key program, the Indigenous Fire Marshal Office, that also had problematic structure and design. The separate sites were unnecessarily splitting their audience and causing confusion around the actual organization and program structures.

AFA and IFMO also needed a brand refresh to better align with their goals that focus greatly on fire safety and downplay firefighting. Their newsletters and information packages were disjointed and needed to be brought in line with a new brand direction.

The Solution

  • Comprehensive digital strategy that included SEO research, content strategy, and site mapping to bring the two sites into one and establish the best approach for future development
  • Implementation of a robust language toggle allowing users to switch languages on any page
  • Responsive design and fast load speed to serve communities with limited internet and cell service
  • Brand standard manual and execution across all mediums

The Result

A reliable single site that is easy to manage. SEO for the site has improved dramatically since launch, showing better reach and engagement with the site. The brand has been implemented on several print pieces and used across Canada at conferences and meetings.

The new site launch has given the IFMO/AFAC site a new position for 25 key search terms (we started with 0, and it’s growing every week). The new ranked keywords increased monthly search impressions by 816%.

There has been a 1943% (20x) increase in organic search traffic since the new site launched, a change from fewer than a dozen visitors a month to over 300.

“My organization was looking for a communications partner for the Aboriginal Firefighters Association of Canada Indigenous Fire Marshal Office Project. The project needed a bi-lingual website, as well as print and digital communications with an updated design theme that better reflected our aspirations.

Spryberry helped us define what existing content was superfluous and what we should keep and created consistent language across all mediums. We also asked Spryberry to create brand standards that retained our crests as the centre element. They created brochures, flyers, and designed a beautiful, easy to navigate website that is visually appealing but low-bandwidth friendly.

Spryberry is an amazingly responsive team! They were really good at asking us the right questions and quickly ‘got’ us. We’re delighted with the finished products and we are getting great feedback from our members and beyond. We’ve already recommended Spryberry to others and will continue to do so.”

Emma Wiggins, VP Development and Communications, Aboriginal Firefighters Association of Canada

FHA Quality Care


FHA Quality Care

The Client

Fraser Health’s Quality Care department is responsible for ensuring patient concerns are managed with sensitivity, timeliness, and respect for diverse perspectives. They deal directly with community members and with FHA staff, ensure that programs are in place and properly utilized in all health care settings.

The Problem

Fraser Health needed a visual way to present a Complaints Management Tool Kit that makes accessing information easy, engaging, and memorable.

Our Approach

We created a suite of infographics and design elements to improve readability of this training tool. This 26-page layout aligns with other branded materials we’ve created for the department, building on concepts and iconography that users are learning to identify with the program.

The Result

The tool kit has been rolled out across Fraser Health with all staff and physicians participating in accessing the information.


Ecotrust Canada


Ecotrust Canada

The Client

Ecotrust Canada builds programs that design, implement and promote economic alternatives that benefit people in the places they call home. With a focus on rural regions and Indigenous communities that depend on renewable resources and natural ecosystems for their economic, social and cultural sustainability.

The Problem

Ecotrust Canada needed a clear, bright and engaging design solution to present their Annual Report in order to optimize support for their valuable work.

Our Approach

Ecotrust Canada provided one word – CHANGE – as the foundation for the design theme. We provided a few examples of direction for the theme and refined collaboratively with our client. Ecotrust Canada had great photos for the project but we also sourced a number of images that supported the theme. We edited the copy before going to layout to minimize rounds of changes. The final deliverable was a web- and print-ready report.

The Result

Spryberry were delighted to tackle this project, designed a vibrant annual report that was both clear and engaging and, of course, fully compliant with their brand standards. The report has been released to the public and has been well received by stakeholders.

“We were very pleased with the work that the Spryberry team delivered for Ecotrust Canada. The charity was launching a new social enterprise, TeemFish Monitoring Inc., and we needed a logo, design standards, website, and sales tools that would make it stand out from the crowd. With our modest budget, Dana project-managed and utilized her team very effectively so I never felt money was being idly spent. Communication was great right from the start, with Dana asking the right questions to get to the essence of what we were looking for, and the team being very responsive to our feedback on the solutions while also offering their best advice. Each member of the team brings a great energy, so you always feel things are moving forward and that your project is as important to them as it is to you. I have used Spryberry again for our annual report, and have no hesitation in recommending them to others who are looking for efficient and effective marketing support.”

Sarah Stott, VP Development & Communications, Ecotrust Canada

Aboriginal health services


We've worked with health authorities and Aboriginal organizations on projects including information packages for clinic services, care models, programming reports, and co-branding. We have created more than 100 projects for this area of health care.

  • reports
  • stationery
  • binders and manuals for learning programs
  • brochures
  • print management

Matsqui First Nation


Matsqui First Nation contracted urban planners to help create the content for their community profile. We took the raw text and handful of images and created a pieace that reflects their cultural identity. This brochure is used to attract investment and industry as well as reinforce the rich history and opportunity within the band's membership.

  • brochure design concept and layout
  • print management

Coldwater indian band


Coldwater Indian Band contracted urban planners to help create the content for their community profile. We took the raw text and handful of images and created a pieace that reflects their cultural identity. This brochure is used to attract investment and industry as well as reinforce the rich history and opportunity within the band's membership.

  • logo design refinement
  • brochure design concept and layout
  • print management

Shackan Indian Band


Shackan Indian Band contracted urban planners to help create the content for their comprehensive community plan. We took the raw text and handful of images and created a piece that reflects their cultural identity of ‘the people of the creeks'. This is a 24 page brochure that the Shackan Indian Band uses it to help attract investment and industry to their lands.

  • identity refinement
  • design concept and layout
  • print management

four directions management services


Spryberry was a creative partner of Four Directions Management providing strategy, writing, and design for complex projects aimed at facilitating dialogue between industry, government, and First Nations.

  • leadership training binder development
  • writing, editing, creative strategy
  • customizable strategic framework posters
  • working templates for FDMS leadership team
  • organization chart redesign for first nations' perspective
  • powerpoint presentation materials
  • print management
  • web design
Dana’s contributions have strengthened my firm’s work and in many ways her team has been able to “bring to life” many of the ideas and concepts that have been expressed by my clients. Dana’s ability to adapt to changing circumstances and manage inter/intrapersonal interactions are critical factors in her success. It is without hesitation that I recommend Dana and her team for any project that she feels they are equipped to undertake. Dana Koch is not only extremely talented but also an individual with high personal and professional integrity.
Dan George, FDMS