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we're known for our relationships

Our team brings a depth of experience and the ability to deliver results. The Spryberry team is diverse and work virtually anywhere (and everywhere); we value the richness that comes with different opinions, approaches and skills and believe it is that the diversity of our team will transform your business.

Tara Doherty, MA
Tara Doherty, MAPartner | Digital Strategy
Tara is mixed bowl of digital berries, and loves sinking her teeth into all things online. She believes fiercely that business success demands digital maturity, and digital maturity is about far more than tweeting with the birds.

Her passion is for looking at complex client challenges from every angle—developing nimble strategies that will ensure their communication challenges are tackled in an integrated way. Tara has nearly twenty years of diverse communications experience. She's worked in high tech, non-profit and regulated utilities. She keeps her strategy nimble and her content sharp by teaching in the digital communications certificate program at Simon Fraser University.

Tara has Master of Arts in Professional Communication from Royal Roads University.

Tara keeps herself sane by feeding her non-profit habit with as many puppies as possible, which usually means you'll find her with a Pacific Assistance Dogs puppy-in-training in tow (this also explains why you may hear an occasional woof or the thump of a tail wag during training calls).

Tara is based in Vancouver BC.

Meet Tara’s Pack

Tara is actively involved with Pacific Assistance Dogs Society, which means her house is a never ending collection of puppies-intraining and assistance dogs. Her current pack shown here includes (clockwise from left) are 1 year old Puppy-in-Training Lilo, 12 year old retired Service Dog Skyler, 2 year old Breeding Dog Cadence, 8 year old (cheeky) Chai (who keeps us all in line) AND our newest addition 9 week old Puppy-in-Training Reef (Cadence’s pup) who used his super cuteness powers to convince us he should stay a spell when his 8 litter mates left us.

Dana Koch, MA
Dana Koch, MAPartner | Creative Strategy
Dana is both spry with strategy and an intensely creative berry. She oversees project management and creative development for Spryberry clients. We believe her efficient no-nonsense approach to getting stuff done is simply a strategy to ensure that she can spend as much time as possible dreaming up juicy creative (and then celebrating getting it done well before deadline).

Dana consistently provides fresh, strategic, innovative communications for world class organizations. She has more than 20 years of professional communication expertise for an exceptionally diverse customer base: from small non profits to multinational corporations, First Nations to technology startups she is as dynamic as they come.

Dana holds a Master of Arts degree in Professional Communication from Royal Roads University as well as diplomas in both design and computer programming from Thompson Rivers University.

When she's not designing (or keeping the berries in a bowl) Dana can be found out walking with Polly Poodle, cooking up a storm, or enjoying a cool beverage on the patio.

Dana is based in Kamloops BC.

Meet Polly

Dana shares life with the adorable and tireless Polly Poodle. By day Polly enjoys meeting friends at the park, reading with elementary school kids, snacks, and romping for hours at the ‘mosh pit' (‘energizer bunny' might be her middle name). When she’s not on the go, she loves to snuggle and entertain Dana with her antics.

Our Team

Joel Tanis
Joel TanisDynamite Developer
Joel plugs the juice into Spryberry's creative, and brings web designs to life.

His technical skills include a fluent knowledge of PHP, MySQL, HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, CGI/Perl; CMS platforms such as Drupal and WordPress; and Google Analytics setup and configuration. He also is experienced in applications such as Adobe’s Creative Suite and Microsoft Office. As a foundation to his web development expertise, Joel also has extensive experience with PC construction, troubleshooting, and diagnostics as well as networking installation and configuration.

When Joel isn't coding or connecting the dots for us, you'll find him unleashing his inner geek or cheering on the Canucks.

Joel is based in Kamloops BC.

Phil Ryan
Phil RyanDoodler
An honour’s graduate of Thompson Rivers University’s Digital Art and Design Program, Phil has a noodle for doodles. Specializing in vector illustrations and graphics with a flexible and adaptive style, Phil is able to illustrate and design to any vision. Phil's projects range from interpretive illustrations of First Nation communities, to child-friendly drawings for health care, to intricate designs for the international t-shirt and poster market.

Phil is based in Kamloops BC.

Jason Wassing
Jason WassingDazzling Developer
Jason brings the sweetness out in Spryberry web designs and apps making sure all the ones and zeroes line up.

Jason's been creating websites and web-based applications since 1997, for clients such as Jim Pattison Broadcast Group (TV7, CIFM and B100 web sites and management applications) and the Kamloops Blazers.
Jason was previously CTO of Canada's Mastermind Development Corporation, the parent company of Greater Than Technology – creators of ShareMy360. Jason was responsible for the development of the website, tour player, tour manager and mobile app (iOS, Android and Blackberry Playbook versions) over the course of 3 years.

Jason can also be found hitting the green (in what appear to be Spryberry branded pants), drooling over VW's or cheering on his three gorgeous daughters!

Jason is based in Kamloops BC.

Nichelle Hubley
Nichelle HubleyDigital Marketing Whisperer
Nichelle has been working on websites for almost a decade, building paid and organic marketing automation solutions. She often talks in acronyms like PPC, CPA, SEO and CRO but we know it’s all just code for engaging real people to turn them into customers.

Nichelle has been using digital marketing strategy to get customers in the door for clients across Canada and the US. She’s brought new business to clients in a variety of industries from medical practices, to academic institutions, insurance firms, to music production.

Nichelle can also be found elbow deep in tech gadgets. She runs virtual reality pop-up events, does aerial videography using drones and still finds time to take her toddler to gymnastics on Saturday mornings.

Nichelle is based in Charlottetown PEI.

Sarah Morash
Sarah MorashDesign Diva
Sarah is as spry as she is creative and helps bring to life your brand supporting the graphic design and web development at Spryberry.

Sarah graduated from the Digital Art and Design program at Thompson Rivers University in 2005 and is a strategic, multidisciplinary designer with a knack for thought-provoking design and effective visual communication. Having worked with a variety of client types (commercial/retail, non-profit, and government) over the last 10 years, her skill set has grown to encompass many communication mediums.

She's brilliant at print design, social media, brand identity, content creation, and online user experience.

Sarah is also the reason that Spryberry often works 24 hrs a day. As the sun is setting on us, Ms. Sarah is just getting up in Tokyo (where she recently moved along with her lovely military man)!

Sarah is based in Tokyo Japan.

Meet Patches, Sneezy & Buddy

These three joined Sarah’s family in January 2015 when Sarah discovered their new housing didn’t allow dogs. They are Japanese fancy rats and were acquired from a local breeder. Rats are surprisingly smart, trainable and bond very closely with their owners. They greet Sarah and her husband at the cage edge when they come home and love to cuddle, be handled, and ride on shoulders. They never try to escape – in fact when they are let out of their cage they often prefer a snuggle to running free!

Zach Zerin, BA
Zach Zerin, BASavvy Strategist
Zach is both spry with creativity and an innovative berry in her strategy and implementation. She enjoys the challenge of conceptualizing budget-friendly media & communication solutions to solve client needs.

She brings over 6 years of multi-national marketing experience having worked in Dubai, India, Singapore and Canada and a versatility in industry verticals collaborating with international brands in Hospitality, Retail, Sports, FMCG, E-commerce and Technology. Her aptitude lies in marketing communication and campaign planning, digital marketing, public relations, marketing strategy, field marketing, corporate social responsibility, sponsorship and fundraising which also assisted her in her proven track record with Start-up and Re-start companies.

Zach has a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and is fast finishing up her Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Marketing from Thompson Rivers University, BC.

When she isn't working, she can be found in front her easel or stove exercising her creativity or behind a book enjoying a languid read.

Zach is based in Kamloops BC.

Angela Robertson
Angela RobertsonRockstar Writer
After completing her Journalism degree at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Angela spent several years developing effective communication strategies and messaging for clients at a major B.C.-based utility company.

In 2015, Angela left her position with the company to focus on a freelance writing career while taking care of her two children.

Her writing appears in various Canadian health and parenting magazines, and on websites such as the Huffington Post and Vancouvermom.ca.

Meet Hendrix

When he’s not on the hunt for snacks, Hendrix enjoys swimming with his pals at the local dog park, sunbathing in his front yard, and hiking on trails with Angela. Nicknamed ‘pony,' this big, black lab has plenty of love to share with everyone he meets.

Sarah Pearce
Sarah PearceVirtually Awesome (Assistant)
Sarah is our British-berry. Her skills as an executive enabler, communicator, project and event manager – and her razor-sharp eye for detail – have been honed during a lengthy and decorated military career. Life in the Royal Navy provided her an ever-changing view from her office window: from Downing Street, to the Suez Canal to the Sydney Opera House. Sarah is very excited that her Spryberry office will not be moving about due to large waves!

Sarah loves nothing more than to be efficient and to organize, and she hopes to bring her precision and enthusiasm to the Spryberry party. With freelance contracts, her ongoing developmental psychology studies and an energetic toddler (and husband!), she can also multi-task like no-one else.

Her work has received post-graduate professional recognition in Strategic Leadership and Management and she holds a Graduateship from the City & Guilds Institute. With an enthusiasm for fitness and a background in sports, Sarah is a qualified Personal Trainer; Yoga is a current passion.

Now based in New Brunswick, Sarah has swapped the cafés of Notting Hill for exploration of the Maritimes, and she can’t wait to downhill and cross-country ski (badly but enthusiastically) again.

Meet Hardy & Stanley

12 Year old Hardy is quiet, calm and considered and the ‘brains’ of the operation. Stanley is of regal descent though his energetic and cheeky personality is more that of a Labrador than a Cavalier. When Sarah and her military husband were stationed to New Brunswick, Hardy and Stanley left the bright lights of London and went to spend their retirement in their second home in the British countryside. Their “grandparents” spoil them with long walks and snoozes by the fire and ensure they check in regularly with Sarah (who misses them tremendously) by Skype.

Ameet Khabra
Ameet KhabraDazzling Digital Strategist
Ameet is our digital strategist she loves nothing more than to produce berry-licious online campaigns that make both clients and partners happy. Having returned to school to learn more about emergent trends in the digital world, Ameet received her Diploma in Marketing Management from Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Surrey, British Columbia.

Since entering the profession seven years ago, Ameet has worked on several campaigns where she has achieved outstanding success.   While most of Ameet’s professional experience has been in building and managing pay-per-click advertising strategies, her relentless drive to understand people’s digital search and purchase experience keeps her focussed on updating her skill-set. (Now including search engine optimization and social media advertising).

Between August 2014 and October 2016, Ameet was an Ambassador for the Google Partners Community; an significant achievement as there were only 5 members from Canada and two from Western Canada.

When not busy making marketing magic, Ameet can be found spending time with Luke, Leia and George (Her dogs and rabbit) And, not claiming to be Van-Gogh, Ameet loves painting and can even make ice-cream from scratch-without a machine!

She is based in Edmonton, Alberta.

Meet Luke & Leia

Luke and Leia are 2.5 year old Shih Tzu’s (crossed with Maltese and Bichon). Leia is very independent but will sit by your side for hours, or even days if you give her rubs. Luke is a bit more needy and loves snuggling all day long. They both love the grass, especially when it's long (for unexplained reasons). They are best friends that love to play and fight in equal measure!