Project Description

Digital Strategy & Web Design


  • A fresh look for a new offering: As Dr Vyselaar planned the opening of the first North Shore specialist heart clinic  we redesigned and relaunched his website.
  • Up to date technology: The new site had to be responsive in design to ensure an optimal experience for visitors.
  • In house control: The website needed to created so that regular updates could be made in house.
  • SEO: The site needed a solid SEO optimization to help build the visibility of the clinic.

 Our Approach

Web Development & Digital Strategy

  • Reviewed website drafts and proposed content, developed a site map and SEO strategy.
  • Created a professional, polished look and feel that captured the environment of the new clinic.
  • Cross promoted new heart function clinic (that is a service in the same space) with aligned branding
  • We reviewed past analytics and reports on digital advertising to determine approach moving forward. We created a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy.
  • Social channels were secured and optimized to ensure that the brand was being well reflected online.
  • A targeted search engine marketing strategy is planned for the coming months, once a baseline analytics profile is secured.

Media and Marketing Services

  • Provided media training and public relations support for the clinic launch
  • Created all marketing and print materials


  • A new responsive website was launched in early 2017.
  • Organic traffic to the site increased by 57% (as a result of SEO efforts)

The dedicated team of Spryberry and Apollo Healthcare Project Management were fantastic to work with. They were extremely committed, organized and professional.  They took my dream of a heart failure clinic in a private office, and worked with me every step of the way to turn it into reality.  I am amazed at everything we accomplished and extremely grateful for everything they did.  They were outstanding.

Dr. John Vyselaar, North Shore Heart Clinic