Project Description

Martin Cohen turned to us to create a brand that would appeal to a specific audience. We worked with his team to develop his new brand and extend it across digital and print media. We trained his team to use WordPress and how to manage social media in a thoughtful, results-focused manner.

  • professional speaker logo design
  • professional speaker web design
  • book cover
  • business card
  • digital strategy

Personally, I have struggled for at least a decade to bring myself to where I am now professionally! Spryberry's clear intention and creativity, unquestionably has reflected the essence of all I stand for in my commitment to empowering my niche audience. The results of my new website is artistically brilliant, with consistent positive feedback from a significant group of sophisticated individuals, allowing for a newfound credibility that was essential at this critical time of my career! Spryberry's guidance and management of initiating my introduction into the world of social media will mark a landmark in expanding my message, far beyond what was previously predictable. Thank you to Spryberry for an extraordinary partnership and commitment to me and all I am dedicated to – making a unique difference in peoples lives.

Martin Cohen