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PADS (Pacific Assistance Dogs Society)

The Challenge

Part 1

When we began working with PADS, the perks included sweet puppy cuddles, but their digital challenges were less than sweet! They had multiple different technologies for managing data: two for collecting donations online, one for email communications and others for managing volunteer, dog, client and donor info for staff. The process was not only cumbersome but hugely time consuming, and there were things that none of the systems could do what they needed. Their website was outdated and not responsive, even though 65% of their visitors came through mobile devices.

Part 2

After a few years of rapid growth, PADS was stretching the limits of their website as it became the hub for 300+ volunteers and staff to interact, submit reports, and keep everyone aligned on services and events. With this much traffic on a dual volunteer/public purpose site, PADS began to think the site needed to be split into two separate entities – public and internal.

Additionally, PADS asked us to review their SEO. The goal was to improve the site’s SEO position with more visibility to PADS’ programs and events, including user experience and site flow adjustments that would make information and applications easier for PADS candidates.

The solution

Part 1

An integrated donor management system that combined all these tools into one and merged seamlessly into the new website was designed. It allowed them to send emails, fundraise online (and allow their own supporters to fundraise online!), was customizable so that they could integrate people and dogs, and keep their donors up to date on their activities.

We built a brand-new responsive website, which simplified 350 pages into 70, and had a custom-built area for their monthly “pupdates” that update donors on how their dogs are doing.

We applied for and set up the Google Grants program for them, giving them access to $10K of online advertising per month.

Part 2

Spryberry developed a volunteer/staff site called Hydrant to take over the heavy lifting of day-to-day interactions of the organization. The new members-only site is a hub of business activity that enables users to interact in a Facebook-like environment of posts, tagging, and sharing, while also providing access to critical protocol documents, events, and submission forms. With Hydrant taking the load off of the main website, is now the public-facing site concentrating on donors and taking applications for service dogs.

The result

Part 1

Increased efficiency, cost reduction and a whopping 220% increase in web traffic in the 12 months post launch based on the previous year.

Part 2

A nimble public site where traffic is streamlined to specific audiences, resulting in better service and ability to measure activity.

A volunteer/staff hub that both serves critical business processes and creates community. With all the volunteers added to the new site, Hydrant promises to enrich the volunteer experience with the organization and build more knowledgeable puppy raisers and breeders. Hydrant is the first step in a bigger goal of automating and streamlining processes that will result in better use of funds.

Updating the site’s page organization and structure resulted in a 24% increase in organic keyword position SEO rankings, increasing the number of Top 10 ranked keywords by 19%.

User experience updates have improved site visitor engagement. Pages per session have increased by 13%, average session time by 5%, and PADS’ bounce rate has decreased by 5%.

Cogeco Peer 1


Cogeco Peer 1


We began work with this team when Cogeco and Peer 1 — both Canadian enterprise web hosting firms — merged to become Cogeco Peer 1. Our role was to guide the change management and integration of the customer facing social media channels, as well as the restructuring of their social media and marketing employees responsible for these channels.


The project entailed amalgamating and/or shutting down over 75 authorized and unauthorized social accounts (everything from Google to Pinterest) into three corporately run accounts. Once the authorized accounts were up and running and core social team identified, we trained the newly amalgamated team. The new team also included members of their customer care team, so that social complaints, problems, etc could be dealt with directly by customer care.

As part of the training, we developed a working social media governance document, to guide the Cogeco Peer 1’s global social media presence.


A worldwide brand with governance and strategy in place, and consistent brand identity and language across all channels. Cogeco was successfully able to handle their social media strategically and efficiently. The simplified accounts and new strategy reduced their human resources allocated significantly, while providing better online experience for their customers.

“With Spryberry’s help, we were able to integrate our social efforts and move social media in house so that our own experts could speak intelligently and quickly to customers. Customers are asking questions and getting the best answers. Cogeco’s social selling has skyrocketed.”

Catherine Haboly , (former) Manager, 
 Communications and Public Relations

Maxxam Analytics


Maxxam Analytics


The DNALab is a division of Maxxam Analytics and is the official DNA testing Lab of the RCMP. They had recently launched their online DNA testing offering and were struggling to position themselves within the online marketplace.


  • Full Digital Marketing Audit
  • Site usability audit and optimization (A/B testing)
  • Full Search Engine Optimization
  • Recommendations included a SEM strategy (including Facebook ad campaign, Google Adwords campaign)


  • Reduced site bounce rate from 85% to 12%
  • Increased site traffic by 460%
  • Increased sales by 521% in first quarter after optimization

“Spryberry provided both social media training for our Communications team, as well as developed a social media marketing strategy for one of our business units. Our group walked away from the training with a strong sense of excitement around the things we would be able to accomplish. While all of us were well-versed in social media, Spryberry’s insights really took our group to a new level. The strategy they developed for our website and the social media and online advertising plan around it were easily implemented and resulted in drastically improved search engine ranking and traffic to the site. I would absolutely recommend the services of Spryberry. Great to work with and impressive results.”

Corinna Bork, Director, (former) Communications, Maxxam Analytics

Sun Life Financial

Sun Life Financial


Sun Life Financial is a Canadian-founded, global-industry financial sector leader specializing in group benefits, group retirement savings and individual insurance and wealth. They approached Spryberry with an ask for two separate but linked strategic projects in the autumn of 2018.

Media strategy and ad repository

Develop a media strategy and creative design repository to promote a new proprietary digital tool via social media to grow qualified leads for Sun Life’s Individual Business arm.


  • Developed 360-degree media and creative strategy focused on the ideal target audience, their online journey and their awareness levels
  • Media strategy focused on lead generation through social media platforms by reaching audiences at various stages within an awareness funnel: prospecting new leads, through retargeting them with nuanced messages, through driving qualified conversions
  • Development of a bank of creative assets to test within existing marketplace of Southern Ontario, and expand throughout the country


  • Presented Sun Life Financial with actionable, tactical recommendations to grow qualified leads on their product for the remainder of 2018 and throughout 2019
  • Developed a bank of creative materials consisting of 8 x :15 second animated videos, 8 x :15 second live-action videos, 4 x display ads, and 12 versions of social media copy to be used on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

Best-in-class social media

Present an overview of best-in-class social media practices and recommendations as to how they can be incorporated in Sun Life Financial’s social media presence, as well as conduct an audit of Sun Life Financial’s current social media management processes, providing recommendations for improvements to social media management structure and internal communications platforms and systems.


  • Conducted a global competitor scan with a focus on North America (primary competitor market) and Europe (secondary market) of what other companies are doing to excel in the social media sphere, and advised on how Sun Life could begin to adopt similar practices in their organic and paid social offerings to reach its ultimate goal of being “best in class” on social media
  • Provided detailed recommendations into how to implement a proprietary social media hub for first and third party financial advisors which would provide them with training and tools to become social media ambassadors for the Sun Life Financial brand
  • Conducted extensive research on social media management structures and made recommendations as to how to structure social media teams within Sun Life Financial to best serve their goals of being client-experience focused and best in class on social media


  • Provided comprehensive overview of competitor examples of how a strong social media presence and organizational structure benefits company reputation, brand, and, ultimately, sales
  • Provided Sun Life Financial with an actionable, short-term and long-term road map to achieve their goal of being best in class on social media

HousePaws Mobile Vet


HousePaws Mobile Veterinary Clinics

The client

HousePaws Mobile Veterinary Services is one of the largest independently owned veterinary businesses in New Jersey. Started from the ground up by Dr. Lisa, HousePaws brings basic veterinary care to the comfort of the client’s home. Complex procedures, such as surgery, are performed in one of several traditional clinics. The P.E.T.S. Taxi service will transfer pets to an appropriate veterinary hospital in both emergency and non-emergency situations. In order to keep their furry clients looking their best, HousePaws offers a mobile grooming service—Bathing Beauties brings pet pampering to the client. The company also runs a program for children—Vets in Training—where children explore what it’s like to be a vet through hands-on, interactive learning. Dr. Lisa is also involved in the community, has won awards, and volunteers her services for those who cannot pay for the care their pet needs.

The problem

The former HousePaws website was outdated and not optimized for search engines and mobile devices. The company had outgrown the old site, which wasn’t flexible to its growing needs and was hard to update. The various branches of the practice—Bathing Beauties, P.E.T.S Taxi, etc.—needed to be pulled under one umbrella so customers could access them easily. The company was growing fast and needed a website that could keep up.

The approach

Our team worked with HousePaws to develop a digital strategy to reorganize their website and make the flow more logical. This redesign included writing and editing content. To make it easier for clients to connect with a vet, we created several custom applications. With the new interactive, mobile-friendly site, clients can now quickly and easily find a vet, locate the closest hospital, and find relevant contact information. Clients can also showcase their pets on the website by sending in a picture and writing a story to be posted on the blog. The innovative Vets in Training Program, which allows children to gain hands-on experience with the animals, required payment integration and the development of complex forms. To continue growing the practice, we created an advertising sales funnel through Facebook that pushed people to a landing page to get them into the “find a vet” system. This awareness campaign assisted the growth of new clinic locations by directing potential clients in the surrounding communities to the HousePaws services.

The result

HousePaws’ new mobile-friendly website is able to expand with the company as it opens new locations. Clients can interact through improved two-way communication, including the blog and the opportunity to submit pet pictures. The interactive capabilities of the new website also reduce pressure for the front desk as clients can use the find a vet service, request prescription refills, book appointments, request their pet’s records, and inquire about volunteer, internship, and employment opportunities through a variety of readily available and simple to fill out online forms. Job openings can also be easily posted and updated to keep up with the rapidly growing company.

“HousePaws Mobile Veterinary Service has undergone explosive growth since our beginnings in 2010. Our previous website felt outdated and lacked functionality-we needed to update and enhance our online home to better reflect the cutting edge nature and high quality standards of our practice. We looked locally and then widely for a website designer would would create a modern website in look and function, but retain a sense of our individual style and community values. After interviewing a number of designers who we felt relied too heavily on templates and would be resistant to our creative impulse, we came across Spryberry. They listened to what we felt was important, and designed a new website that feels friendly, yet professional, and provides a platform for growth as we continue to expand as a company. Spryberry’s team brought innovative ideas to the table, but they were also very responsive in bringing to life the ideas we had for the website. Working with the Spryberry team was a collaborative, rewarding experience, and we’re thrilled with the end product. We recommend them highly.”

Eric Baratta, Creative Development and Operations Manager, HousePaws Mobile Veterinary Service

HR Portland


HR Portland

The Challenge

Gloria came to Spryberry when she was launching her human resources consultancy. She had a website that she wasn’t happy with and basic branding elements that needed refinement. She needed strong Search Engine Optimization in the competitive HR industry.

The solution

We took her existing brand elements, refined and expanded them for her to include:

  • Logo suite, colour palette and graphic treatment
  • Business cards
  • Social Media branding elements

We then layered this look and feel into a full responsive website, with full SEO optimization.

The result

A beautiful website with increased web traffic and a brand that Gloria is proud of, reflecting her personality, values and brand.

Future Health Ventures


Future Health Ventures

The Challenge

Future Health Ventures is an innovative firm, with a diverse range of product offerings and projects on the go.  The CEO Edoye Porbeni has been operating for some time, however, she did not have an online home from which to build her business, or showcase her work and partnerships.

The solution

We created one cohesive web presence for all their businesses to launch from. The site was heavily search engine optimized in order to ensure traffic is finding Edoye, understanding the opportunities and spending time digesting the information on the site or linking out to full sites for each business.

The result

A beautiful clean site that featured all three of Edoye’s brands: Apollo Project Management, Silverfit and Atreides Drones without diminishing any one of them at the expense of the other.  We’re now building out multiple sites in order to grow the various businesses from concept to reality.

SND family practice


Communication Services + Custom Web Development

Surrey/North Delta Family Practice began working collaboratively with Spryberry to ensure that their communications strategies were hitting the mark and to take on several key initiatives.


  • Strategic Planning: With the many initiatives the division had underway, strategic communication planning was essential to ensure they were making the best possible use of their time and resources.
  • Graphic Design & Layout: Materials in all shapes and sizes to support division initiatives – from RACE App guidebooks to brochures and info cards spryberry designers ensured that the message was clearly communicated
  • Writing & Editing: Supporting the division bi-weekly newsletter our team crafted language for the bi-weekly newsletter

Custom Web Development

Find a Doctor Portal

The patient doctor search portal aimed to facilitate connecting patients in Surrey/North-Delta to a General Practitioner that was accepting patients.

Key Features

256bit Encryption – Exactly like online banking or e-commerce. The tool only collects postal code and email address so users feel comfortable.

Flexible search options puts control in the patients hands.

  • Search by postal code or area
  • Language spoken by Doctor

Patients receive results on screen immediately. Additional functionality can be added to also email results to the user.

Ease of use for management and reporting is built in to the back end for divisions and doctors.

  • Division admin can manage doctors, doctors spoken languages lists, review searches, and add/edit neighborhoods, and add/edit cities and access dynamic reporting.
  • Doctors manage their own information (address etc) through a secure link – no password needed. Doctors receive a quarterly email with a secure, single use link to review their listing and make edits. link is secured and only works for that specific doctor (and no login is required).

The look is visually customized to match division site (this is included in the deployment).

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